TEVO®score is Coming: Is your business ready?

Jun 25, 2019
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Just like everyone has a credit score, soon all businesses in the United States will have a TEVO®score. Currently, there are over 1 million businesses with scores. If your business does not have a score, it likely will soon. TEVO®score is here.

Here are 6 commonly asked questions that will help you to prepare your business:

1. What is ?TEVO®score

Your TEVO®score is issued by InfoVera™, a market value reporting agency. It is an indicator of your business multiple. It measures 50+ components of risk, which are categorized in 5 Areas. TEVO®score ranges from 300 to 850 as the best possible score. Your score is compared to other businesses in the same industry and revenue range.

2. Why should I care?

Your TEVO®score indicates your multiple which indicates your business value and marketability. Investors and buyers have already used Marketability Assessments to help make invest or buy decisions. Eventually, institutions such as banks and insurance providers will use TEVO®score when evaluating your business for things like loans and insurability.

3. Who gets issued a TEVO®score?

Any privately held business with an EIN number in the United States.

4. How do I check my TEVO®score?

You can access your TEVO®score at tevoscore.com. This is where you will be able to track changes in your TEVO®score. Just like FICO® Score, your TEVO®score will adjust over time. There is no cost to access your TEVO®score. It is completely FREE.

Find Out Your TEVO®score HERE
*All scores are issued by InfoVera™, a market value reporting agency.

5. What does my score mean for my business?

You can take advantage of your TEVO®score to grow the value of your business. The Marketability Assessment can highlight which of the 50+ risk components are of the highest priority for a business of your size and industry.

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