Everyone Can Learn
How to Run a Business

By empowering more people in the company, everyone has more fun growing the business. It doesn't matter what role someone has or what level someone is in a company, anyone can learn how to run that company. We work with all levels of a business to teach and develop strategic thinking and business acumen with tools that have been simplified and made contextual.

We are not coaches and we are not consultants - we are trainers. Our emphasis is on skills transfer and ensuring that business owners and their teams are able to integrate what they learn into their business. We support businesses in customizing and implementing our tools to fit their particular reality.

We Work With
Smart Business Owners

We serve privately held companies all across the US and around the world. We work best with companies in the mid-market who are looking to benchmark and grow value. Our contextual tools allow us to be industry agnostic and serve businesses of all shapes and sizes.

When we work with a business, we work for the whole business. We support  not only business owners, but their teams and staff as well. The business  will see greater success when more of the business in engaged.

Our Passion is to Serve Yours

I have a belief that most people start their business with a desire to serve the world in some way. But then things get busy and sometimes that purpose gets lost. Sometimes that purpose is to make money so you can support the causes that hit your heart.   What are you building?  All this running around…to what end? Building a legacy means creating wealth in time and/or money to support what’s important to you, to create a growth path for the rockstars who work for you, and to build something that will go on beyond you.

We focus on growing legacy, to build something that’s not only valuable, but important. We believe in benchmarking and growing company value. It gets us focused on something bigger than just growing revenue or managing costs. Those only feed TODAY. Growing company value creates long-term capability to be ABLE to impact the world in the way that’s important to you. Improving the world, one business at a time…
- Sandy Stewart, CEO & Co-Founder of Swiss Avenue Partners

Let Us Share Our
Expertise With You

Business Strategy

Anchor the company direction and determine business focus.

Structure & Responsibility

Maximize organizational output, regardless of staff size or industry.

Revenue Generation

Create business development efficiency with non-traditional methods focusing on the “top line.”

Profitability Modeling

Define and refine company specific business metrics and maximize the “bottom line.”

Culture & Communication

Establish clear communication, understanding, and productivity across teams and levels.

Our Partner Network

We work with a network of partners who are experts in their fields and can support business owners together with us to ensure that each business gets the best support they need.

Our Process

Conduct a business diagnostic

We always begin with a diagnostic, which allows us to get a full understanding of how the business is currently operating. Our favorite is the third-party TEVO® Assessment. We also have our own, proprietary Operational Audit. Both provide a comprehensive view of the company.
TEVO Assessment
Operational Audit

Create A Customized Plan

We outline a plan that is customized to fit your company’s specific needs and opportunities. Each plan is comprised of a series of project and initiatives within any or all of the following four categories: Strategy, Operations, Back Office, and Culture.

Teach & Train

We train our contextual tools and models at all levels of the business including owner(s), managers, and staff. Imagine the impact each person can have on the business when everyone is engaged in the growth of the business. We conduct training both on-site and/or virtually. And we are only a phone call or email away to support throughout the process.
Call & Email Support

Benchmark Growth

We help you to establish a cadence of benchmarking progress and growth, whether you’re looking to make your business fun again or exit the business on a high note. You can make a game out of business growth using TEVO® Score, your key metrics, and your strategic plan that your entire company can play.
Make It Fun Again
Exit On a High Note

Who We've worked with

Medical Billing
Physical Therapy
CPA Firms
Automotive Repair
Law Firms
Molding & Tooling
IT Consulting
Marketing Consulting & Ad Agencies
Commercial Tiling
Security Technology
Education Technology
Residential & Commercial Framing
Paintball Field
Recruitment Agency
Emergency Veterinary Clinic
Fuel Distribution
Residential & Commercial Landscape
Chocolate Confectionery
HR Consulting
Auto Transport
Residential & Commercial Plumbing/HVAC/Electrical
401k Specialty
Wealth Management
Mortgage Banking
Coffee Roasting Wholesale & Retail
Commercial Tenant Improvement
Residential & Commercial Construction
Sheet Metal Manufacturing
Frozen Food Manufacturing
Drivetrain Manufacturing
Energy Consulting
Transportation & Logistics
Mortgage Lending
Residential Electrical

What is your ambition for your business?

Make it Fun Again

Is it time to revitalize growth?

Exit On a High Note

Is your business exit ready?

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