Did You Know?

of small businesses fail
in the first 5 years
of employees are either
‘Not Engaged’ or
‘Actively Disengaged’ (Gallup)
of managers say they never
received any management training
(Forbes via Careerbuilding.com)

The most common problem business owners
face is that the business is too reliant on them.

You might be asking yourself…

How do I engage and develop
my employees more?
How can I make my
business grow faster?
Why is social impact
important for business?
How do I train employees
to be managers?

Smart growth begins with benchmarking business value

When looking at a growth strategy, businesses often overlook one key metric for health and sustainability of the company: business value.

Instead of creating the typical 5-year business plan, use business value to guide you in designing a smart growth path for the future. Business value can be broken down into 5 different categories, notice only one is financial.

Financial Analysis

The strength and reliability of the numbers.

Base Business

The diversification of customers and the strength of the sales force.

Business Systems & Processes

Infrastructure and the ability to deliver.

Senior Management Team

Reliance on the owner and overall strength of the leadership.

Growth & Opportunity

Growth, margin, integration and expansion.

How Can Swiss Avenue Partners Help?

Run a better business

Ensure that resources are managed and utilized effectively for smoother operations and clearer communication.

Empower your employees

Create a business beyond yourself by leveling up your staff to think and work at a more strategic level.

Create a smart growth path

Align and focus the company around a common vision for the future and ensure clarity as well as longevity.

What business owners are saying...

“Working with Swiss Avenue Partners was the best thing I did for my business. I worked with Sandy and her team to create a real strategic plan. They trained me on how to use the right tools to manage my business. For the first time I feel as if I am running my business and it is not running me.”

Cece Smith | Owner of Toolbox Studios

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