Did You Know?

baby boomers in the
US today (CABB)
retiring baby boomers each day
until 2029 (Investopedia)
businesses will transition over
the next 10-15yrs (CABB)

In a buyer’s market, businesses will have to stand out to be competitive.

You might be asking yourself…

What are the key elements
of an exit strategy?
What is my
business worth?
How do I value
my business?
What is a multiple
in business value?

Understand how to
bridge your value gap

Naturally, businesses evolve and eventually every business will transition to a future generation whether it’s to managers, family, an outside buyer, or shifting between partners. It’s good to be curious even if you’re only just considering some type of transition. Exploring your business’ value from the eyes of an investor or a buyer can provide a new way of looking at your business opportunities.

Business value can be broken down into 5 different categories, one financial and four non-financial areas.

Financial Analysis

The strength and reliability of the numbers.

Base Business

The diversification of customers and strength of the sales force.

Business Systems & Processes

Infrastructure and the ability to deliver.

Senior Management Team

Reliance on the owner and overall strength of the leadership.

Growth & Opportunity

Growth, margin, integration and expansion.

How Can Swiss Avenue Partners Help?

Grow business value proactively

Identify your value growth potential and begin taking action toward it before the rest of the marketplace.

Create a strong and smooth transition

Build a succession structure in your organization with strategic business training that increases functionality.

Stand out amongst competitors

For every business, there are a handful of things that can be done to easily grow your multiple and competitive edge.

How businesses are doing it…

"Swiss Avenue Partners has come to feel like an integral extension of our own team.  We enjoy partnering with them to meet our clients needs.  They have worked with both our firm and our clients to help us grow and become better versions of who we are as businesses.  We learn from them continually and we look forward to the growing partnership for many years to come!"
Shannon Badger | Managing Partner at Badger CPA Firm

exit on a high note

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