Swiss Avenue Partners was instrumental in the dramatic change in and growth of both in relationships as well as financial success of Atlantic Street Veterinary Hospital Pet Emergency Center.  I would recommend their services without hesitation!

Dr James F. Young
President, Atlantic Street Veterinary Hospital Pet Emergency Center


We were not sure if hiring a business consultant was something we needed or could afford to do. Now looking back I can say that it was one of the best investments our company has made. For a small and growing company like ours the help Peter and his team provided has been invaluable. We have implemented many of the tools that we were taught including the monthly team meetings and budgeting spreadsheet and we continue to use them every day. The challenge of running a small business and wearing many hats can be daunting. Swiss Avenue partners has helped us set up the necessary tools needed for our business to reach new levels. More importantly they have helped us get out of the small business mindset.

Zach Kent
Owner, Bio Clean Environmental


Swiss Avenue Partners laid out a very detailed plan and timeline for their efforts with my company. Swiss Avenue Partners helped us reorganize our entire financial reporting system into profit centers. This effort was instrumental in helping me understand exactly where we were making the most profit and where we were losing the most money. I can now make educated decisions based on this new structure. The outcome of this financial overhaul is that I’ve identified services that were losing money and have either eliminated them or implemented changes to make those services profitable again. I can’t give enough credit to Peter and his team for helping us completely turn around our finances and look at this stuff in a different light. I’m now managing based on percentages and verifiable numbers, rather than my bank account balance and “gut feeling.” 

Matt Walker
CEO, Best Rank


Swiss Avenue Partners has helped me refocus my sales team’s energy and direction. We have redesigned the pipeline so that I have a running snapshot of current and forecasted revenue, my sales team is learning how to be accountable for their own business, and our compensation structure is now in line with performance, saving us money, protecting the company’s bottom line, and promoting & incentivizing our team to go over and above their current performance. The sales team now has a new spring in their step and our revenues are up.

Dave Lindley
President/CEO, Diversified Window Coverings


I am so thankful for Peter and Swiss Avenue Partners. They came into my life and business at a crucial point in time. They helped me align my goals and vision for the future and then took it a step further by helping me implement the tools, techniques, and systems to completely overhaul my business. Today my business is running very smoothly and I am able to forecast any potential issues in all areas of running my business. Thank you so much for helping me take my business to the next level.

Nick Dawson
Branch Manager, Primelending


Prior to working with SWISS AVENUE PARTNERS, as managing partner of RBTK, I was spending, at the most, 10% of my time in existing client and new business development, and 90% of my time was spent in client service and dealing with administrative problems. We believed we were at full capacity.  Subsequent to implementing strategic planning and functional structural changes with SAP, I now spend 70% of my time in existing and new client development.  During the first nine months of implementation of the SAP systems and strategies our firm experienced 20% growth without adding any additional personnel resources.

Kevin Brown
Rosner Brown Touchstone & Keller CPAs


Linas and Sandy have worked with me and my business on several levels for 3 years now. The majority of the benefit to me from their training has been around channel development. They have a tool that helps me qualify, solidify and maintain business relationships that are a "Match" with my practice. I feel like I am one step ahead of most business owners, because of the training I have received from them.

Neal Smith
Owner, NKS Financial


The training and support that you have given us over the last few years has been instrumental in massive changes in our firm. We have finally broken through staff stagnation. Now we've got a team we are truly proud of. With client base management we've increased profitability and kept focused on what truly matters - our clients. Our market position strategy gives us a super strong internal culture.

Teryn Grater
Partner, ATK&G


The Swiss Avenue Partner team is very professional and thorough. They listen very well and implement projects efficiently with superb follow up. They truly are good business coaches.

Greg Cushard
President & CEO, Rubicon Oil


We have worked with Swiss Avenue Partners over the last eight months. They have helped us through every phase of our business. Our employees have responded very positively towards the changes that we have made. We all feel we are part of the team; all moving in the same direction. Our company is now ready to grow dramatically without the usual growing pains a company feels because of the structural work we have done with Swiss Avenue Partners.

Michelle O. Nelson, CPA, CFE, CVA
Partner – Mann, Urrutia, Nelson, CPAs & Associates, LLP Sacramento


Teaming up with Swiss Avenue Partners has been a very positive experience. Their personalized service is outstanding, and with the guidance provided in setting up systems and business structure we are now in a position to further our growth. Their entire staff is extremely professional and always willing to address our needs.

Chris Mann
Partner - Mann, Urrutia, Nelson, CPAs & Associates, LLP Roseville


We went to Swiss Avenue because we knew we had a good business, but there was something missing. We weren’t maximizing the people and skills we had.

Linas and Sandy and their team were instrumental in helping us identify the strengths and weaknesses we had and why we were hitting up against certain walls. They were great at separating perception from reality.

One of the real problems we had was in not holding each other fully accountable for our actions – or lack thereof. A pattern had developed of people not doing what they said they would do, and there being no real consequences of that. Swiss Ave helped change our culture and opened the door for people’s feet to be held to fire for not living up to agreed expectations. This was a dramatic cultural change for us organizationally.

They also helped us greatly in the areas of strategy/pricing, organization of business functions and training systems. They provided more than just theories. They provided practical tools for us to use in our business and assisted in their implementation.

Swiss Avenue took a good business and helped set it on the path to being a great business, and we are eternally thankful to them for that.

George Graziano, CPA
Partner – Scinto Graziano, LLP


Swiss Avenue has been an invaluable partner in the enhancement of my business plan, management team, organizational efficiencies and growth planning. I am always rewarded for my investment with them.
    - Lawrence A. Hansen

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