Business Process Management

The tool is called RGBY (or "rugby") and it's short for Red, Green, Blue, Yellow.  RGBY was developed by one of the founders who is's the REAL game of football.

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Infrastructure Strength to leverage efficiency and sustainability
Operational Potency to boost your company's revenue model
Strategic Development for a clear direction and an embraceable long-term plan
Cultural Solutions to support pace of change and enhance company lifestyle

 Models, tools, software that address:

  • Creating a Functional Structure from dysfunctional tasks
  • Usable, graphical Workflows that outline how things "should" occur
  • Developing and maintaining meaningful Job Descriptions based on the RGBY schema
  • Online Training Program Tool assesses the team and identifies areas for development and management
  • Creating or enhancing existing Performance Review processes that map to Job Descriptions
  • Sales Pipeline creation and/or enhancement
  • A 10 Point Strategic Planning Tool that focuses the company on what's important now and for the future

......and lots more

Linas and Sandy have worked with me and my business on several levels for 3 years now. The majority of the benefit to me from their training has been around channel development. They have a tool that helps me qualify, solidify and maintain business relationships that are a "Match" with my practice. I feel like I am one step ahead of most business owners, because of the training I have received from them.
    - Neal Smith

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