Business Development Strategy

Tools to figure out how the business arrived at this point and how to develop and implement a plan for future growth.

Models, tools, software that address:

  • Developing a Strategic plan - a 10 Point Strategic Planning Tool and methodology
  • Creating or managing an existing Market Position - what do your customers perceive your product/service to be?
  • Balancing an existing Product (or Service) mix - what do you sell and how effective is each product or service?
  • Capacity modeling - when should I hire, fire, expand or focus on efficiency and when would be the best time to buy/sell or succession out?
  • Valuation modeling - what elements will be most relevant to maximizing my Total Enterprise Value (TEV)?

Linas and Sandy have worked with me and my business on several levels for 3 years now. The majority of the benefit to me from their training has been around channel development. They have a tool that helps me qualify, solidify and maintain business relationships that are a "Match" with my practice. I feel like I am one step ahead of most business owners, because of the training I have received from them.
    - Neal Smith

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