Tools to figure out how the business arrived at this point and how to develop and implement a plan for future growth.

Models and tools that address:

  • Developing a Strategic plan - a 10 Point Strategic Planning Tool and methodology
  • Creating or managing an existing Market Position - what do your customers perceive your product/service to be?
  • Balancing an existing Product (or Service) mix - what do you sell and how effective is each product or service?
  • Capacity modeling - when should I hire, fire, expand or focus on efficiency and when would be the best time to buy/sell or succession out?
  • Benchmarking Business Value - what elements will be most relevant to maximizing my Total Enterprise Value (TEV)?


Swiss Avenue partners has helped us set up the necessary tools needed for our business to reach new levels. More importantly they have helped us get out of the small business mindset.
    - Zach Kent

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