National Headquarters

Our Team at National Headquarters:

Sandy Burton

Sandy Burton is CEO and co-founding Partner of Swiss Avenue Partners. She has a background in the financial services industry with a combined 8 years experience as a Financial Planner, managing the IPO desk of Everen Securities in Chicago and then co-founding her own independent asset management company in Austin, Texas. This was followed by 5 years with an Australian-based business coaching company managing the Texas office and later, as a senior member of the San Francisco headquarters for that company. Sandy has significant experience in managing growth in mid-market businesses and is now a sought after speaker to various groups that includes successful women entrepreneurs and business owners.


Linas Jarasius

Linas Jarasius is a co-founding Partner of Swiss Avenue Partners. He is a corporate financier, business coach and mentor with experience in the Australian, Asian, European and US markets. His career began with 15 years in the IT industry that culminated in founding and taking public a multi facet, HR-based services provider. He built the company to a market capitalization of $40 million and led three acquisitions totalling more than $13 million in that time. He later moved to London in 2000 where he was the CEO and major shareholder of a Corporate Finance house that was a joint venture with a UK Top 50 accounting firm. He relocated to San Francisco in 2005 where he co-founded Swiss Avenue Partners, LLC.



Martin Riley is the Vice President in charge of Financial Products. Martin has worked 13 years in the commercial banking industry and has been trained by the largest and most well known banks in the U. S. His primary responsibilities were to analyze and assess the needs and abilities of a business to acquire capital as well as helping those businesses structure their capital acquisition. Martin has also spent six years as a CFO for a wireless telecommunications general contractor. In those six years, he helped grow the company from 4 to 20+ employees. Martin's goal is to bring this wealth of experience, knowledge, and tools to any growth-minded business owner who needs it. He holds a BA in Economics from SDSU.


Karla Boles

Karla Boles is the project manager for the Swiss Avenue Partners home base in Austin, TX.  She has spent time as a sales representative, insurance agent and financial advisor.  She has experience in working with clients and people in the field and is able to coordinate resources for many different events.  Karla has a bachelor’s degree from Baylor University.



Swiss Avenue has been an invaluable partner in the enhancement of my business plan, management team, organizational efficiencies and growth planning. I am always rewarded for my investment with them.
    - Lawrence A. Hansen

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