About Us

Sandy and Linas

Swiss Avenue Partners was created in 2006 by Sandy Stewart and Linas Jarasius.  Their combined experience has been in business growth, corporate finance, securities and merger and acquisition activity in the Australian, UK and US marketplaces.

What began as a business coaching enterprise addressing the needs of small and medium sized businesses, has evolved into a multi-disciplined corporate services company that specializes in delivering Enterprise Value for the $5m-$100m, "middle market".  More revenue, more profits and effective management with reduced stress for all involved is the focus.

The core competence has been the creation of Contextual Modeling tools. These, together with the training and accountability provided by the Swiss Avenue Partners team, creates effective change in businesses.

The tools cover a multitude of business issues that can be categorized as;

  • Profitability Modeling & Financial Forecasting
  • Roles & Responsibilities
  • Revenue Generation
  • Strategy Modeling

While the categories are simple and broad, the output is larger, more complex and specific to each client. They include such components as; Advisory Board Establishment, Strategic Planning, Working Capital, Management, Cashflow Management, Acquisitions, Market Positioning, Dashboard Dials, Sales Systems Development, Channel Development, Compensation Systems, Functional Structure, Workflows, Job Descriptions, and many others.

The company has offices in California, Texas, Georgia, Ohio, and Washington with plans to expand across the US.

Meet Our Team

Swiss Avenue has been an invaluable partner in the enhancement of my business plan, management team, organizational efficiencies and growth planning. I am always rewarded for my investment with them.
    - Lawrence A. Hansen

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