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We are a specialist for mid-market ($5m-$100m)  companies where the owners are considering: Selling or Succession within the next 5 years.  We have our own Intellectual Property of standardized tools, processes, software and training that is customized into a program for each client.

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What We Do

The goal is to increase the profitability and marketability of a company. The Swiss Avenue Partners methodology identifies the detractors to value (there are 29 of them) and, where applicable, the team will work with a client to implement and manage the changes that will maximize the TEV. Our suite of tools will improve Sales, Strategy, Functional Structure and Profitability.

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Benchmarking Tools

  • Health Check - a powerful diagnostic tool and planning framework.
  • Forecasting & Projection Tool - browser based model that pinpoints growth and efficiency monthly.
  • Dashboard Dials - graphical indicators that look at financial data in a powerful, easy to read format.

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Linas and Sandy have worked with me and my business on several levels for 3 years now. The majority of the benefit to me from their training has been around channel development. They have a tool that helps me qualify, solidify and maintain business relationships that are a "Match" with my practice. I feel like I am one step ahead of most business owners, because of the training I have received from them.
    - Neal Smith

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Building Business Value

Mature business owners focus on Enterprise Value growth

The Market Value of your business is the MOST IMPORTANT measure that you should know

Formula is : Performance Measure x Multiple

  • …..where the Performance Measure could be Revenue, EBITDA, Net Income or Assets

    The most common measure is EBITDA

  • And Multiples are a RANGE

    …….common EBITDA multiples range from 2.5x – 8x, but some industries are higher

    On $1m of EBITDA, that’s a $2.5m to $8m gap